What are we asking for?

We are asking the Government of Ontario to end the OHIP three month waiting period for new immigrants, temporary foreign workers, migrants newly approved for Permanent Residency, and returning Canadians; to provide OHIP coverage to those left uninsured with temporary status, including temporary foreign workers between contracts and international students; to provide coverage to those left uninsured while inland immigration sponsorship, humanitarian, and compassionate status applications are pending. Lastly, to provide OHIP coverage to those left uninsured due to being non-status while residing in Ontario.

Why OHIP for ALL?

An estimated 500,000 people in Ontario are denied health coverage due to their immigration status. Many children, adults, and seniors have been denied care in emergency rooms, have been asked for thousands of dollars upfront for healthcare, have received massive bills or have foregone healthcare altogether when they needed it. People have died as a result of our system in Ontario that denies care to people who need it. We can stop unnecessary and high cost health complications. We can stop denying sick people care. We can create the society we all want to live in by providing healthcare for all people living in Ontario, regardless their of immigration status.

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Take action

In Canada, we believe we have a universal healthcare system but in reality, many are denied healthcare coverage due to their immigration status. Sign the open letter and join the movement calling for OHIP for ALL people living in Ontario.

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