By: MARK GIUNTA, June 28, 2016, 3:53PM
Demonstrations were held across the province today…
Calling on the government to provide health care to all people in Ontario.
In Peterborough, a group of people turned out to lend their voices to the cause.
Mark Giunta reports.

They chanted and carried signs…
A coalition of health care workers, students and community members… united as “OHIP for all”…
The group is calling out the Ontario government over access to health care.
It claims there are 200-thousand residents in the province, who are being denied health care coverage.
Residents including temporary foreign workers, international students and what the group calls “non-status people”.

Maddy McNab, ‘End Immigration Detention”:
“It’s a question of marginalized voices not being valued and the government feeling there won’t be the public pressure to right that wrong and fill that gap and I think the ‘OHIP for All’ campaign is a sign there is public demand to make our society better and more inclusive in many ways this being one of them”.

The lunch hour rally at Simcoe and George Streets voiced concerns over the issue while calling on the government for change.

Roy Brady, Peterborough Health Coalition:
“We have a universal health care system and obviously it has to apply to everybody who is a resident of the province. People on immigration status are residents, they deserve healthcare if they need it.”

A petition was circulated at the rally.
It will be sent to Ontario Health Minister Doctor Eric Hoskins.
It’s calling on Hoskins to begin a dialogue addressing the situation.

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