AM980 NewsBy: TOM FRASER, June 28, 2016, 1:19PM

The OHIP for All campaign held rallies in several municipalities Tuesday, including London, requesting the province expand healthcare coverage to every Ontarian.

Currently, the group says 200,000 people are without healthcare coverage due to their immigration status. That includes new immigrants, temporary foreign workers between contracts, some international students, people pending certain immigration processes and non-status people.

London Health Coalition Co-chair Jeff Hanks (pictured) organized London’s rally in Victoria Park.

He said there are horror stories for those who aren’t covered, from not wanting to get treatment if they are sick, to bankruptcy, and even death.

“People have had very adverse effects. They don’t go to hospital on time, they get sicker and sicker, and some people have died because they couldn’t afford coverage.”

The group is hoping to deliver a petition full of signatures to Health Minister Eric Hoskins to start a conversation about the initiative.

“That’s the plan to get them engaged and get the premier to cover everybody that lives here,” said Hanks.

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